PASS Business Analytics Conference Keynote Day #1

In this post, I’ll summarize the PASS Business Analytics Conference’s Keynote Day #1:

The structure of the Keynote:

PASSt Business Analytics Conference

One of the NEW challenges that Data Pros face today is complexity involved in building a BI solution. Following slides nicely represent the challenge from the Tools standpoint:

pass business analytics conference keynote hadoop

Image Courtesy:

Microsoft’s Goal is to SIMPLIFY the above situation

NEW Tools:

> Data Explorer (Excel add-in)

> Power View in Excel 2013

> Geo Flow

Key Take away from the demo’s was:

Power View is a great tool that you could use to extract insights from data.

E.g. Insights about Music Charts from Germany:

Now combine the power of Power View w/ the new capabilities like Data Explorer that let’s you find, combine & refine data via Data Explorer.

In the Demo, they combined data in hadoop w/ data in relational sources. This is Powerful!

And Also

The Preview for GeoFLow in Excel was announced!

They had a great demo on a pretty big touch device:


Sorry for the poor image – but imagine a touch device of that size w/ an interactive data visualization that has 3D geo maps!


They had a nice message at the end of the keynote:


8 thoughts on “PASS Business Analytics Conference Keynote Day #1

  1. Reblogged this on Parth Acharya – Blog and commented:
    Really interesting perspective on BI with the powerpoint example- yes, it ultimately boils down to simplifying the knowledge. Thank you for introducing two new tools to your data enthusiast readers like me- Data Explorer and Geo Flow. Looking forward to learn more through your series of blogs on PASS Business Analytics Conf. ’13 this week!

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