Getting started with HDInsight (a.k.a Microsoft’s Big Data hadoop Platform) on local Windows Machine!

Recently Microsoft announced HDInsight on Windows server! and so it’s good to get a chance to play with its public preview! Currently there two ways you can run HDInsight: 1) Via Windows Azure 2) On your local Windows machine.

In this blog-post, I would show you step by step to install a HDInsight on a local Windows Machine. For the purpose of this blog-post, I am going to show it on Windows 7 but it also supported on Windows Server 2008 R2.

download hadoop on windows machine hdinsight

Note that the ideal audience for this blog-post would be a developer who wants to kick tires of Hadoop on windows machine to see what it can do! If I had wanted to target it to Hadoop administrators then I would have shown how to do it on Windows Server and also how to manage the Hadoop cluster with system center. But for this blog-post, I am going to target developers so that they can get started playing with Hadoop on a windows machine! With that, here are the steps to install Hadoop (HDInight) on Windows 7:

1) open Web Platform Installer. Download and install it if you haven’t yet.

2) search for Hadoop

install hadoop windows via web platform installer

3) Install it!

4) You should get a message saying that it successfully installed it!

5) Do you see a Microsoft HDInsight Dashboard ICON on your Desktop? Yes? Great! Open it!

windows hadoop big data dashboard6) And here’s the IIS manager showing the site that hosts the above Dashboard. Just wanted to show this to folks who might not see the Dashboard at http://localhost:8085/

IIS windows hadoop local host site port 8085

7) That’s about it for his post. If you want to continue learning, check out the “documentation” link at the bottom on the Hadoop Dashboard which is:


In this blog-post, we saw how to install HDInsight (Microsoft’s Hadoop) on local windows machine.

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10 thoughts on “Getting started with HDInsight (a.k.a Microsoft’s Big Data hadoop Platform) on local Windows Machine!

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  8. I tried to install HDInsight in my windows 7 (32 bit) via WPI and when i search for “Hadoop” WPI does not display any result saying “your query return zero results” . pl let me know how why i am not getting hd insight in WPI result

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